Pressure regulating ear plugs for Adults & Children

FLIGHTSAFE is a pressure regulating ear plug specifically designed for Adults and Children who suffer ear pain while flying.

The patented metal filter within the medical grade plastic FlightSafe slows down the rate of pressure change in the ear, alleviating the symptoms experienced by sufferers of ear discomfort when the cabin pressure changes rapidly during take-off and landing.

FlightSafe are intended for people with sensitive ears or people who must fly even though suffering with a cold, allergy or sinus condition. We do not recommend use of FlightSafe in the event of severe sinus, cold or flu congestion. If discomfort persists, use should be discontinued and doctor’s advice sought. Use by children must be closely supervised by an adult. For anyone with ear ailments please consult your specialist prior to use.

6 Reasons Why You Should Use FlightSafe