Australia Travel Safe produce a range of premium quality highly effective and innovative ear care products.


Piercing pain in the ears due to rapid pressure changes is a thing of the past thanks to the FLIGHTSAFE ear plugs. FLIGHTSAFE is a pressure regulating ear plug with a unique APC filter that relieves ear pain associated with flying. ghostwriter


Swimming or even just splashing around in water or showering should be a hassle free activity but can be extremely painful for those prone to ear infections! SWIMSAFE ear plugs ensure NO water enters the ear canal keeping the ear dry and reducing the risk of ear inflammation. SWIMSAFE also allows you to hear which is beneficial when swimming. hausarbeit schreiben lassen


NOISESAFE protects the ear from harsh loud damaging noises found in every day life.
They assist with concentration in the work environment and provide sleep solutions for people who find sleeping difficult in noisy surroundings.
Our ear is a highly sensitive sensory organ. It helps us communicate acoustically with our fellow humans and warns us of dangerous situations. We should protect our hearing from damaging environmental influences and also delay age related hearing loss as much as possible. Severe and quick changes in air pressure, such as those occurring in airplanes, cable cars, or elevators in skyscrapers directly stress the ear and often cause pain. Swimming or bathing, particularly in chlorinated water, can cause skin irritation in the ear canal. If one is prone to ear inflammations, then the ear should be protected from water entering the auditory canal even while showering. Noise and loud music are especially strenuous on the ear. The damaging effect often goes unnoticed at that particular time, but is irreversible and may lead to premature hearing loss. While strict legal regulations on noise levels exist in the work areas, we often overlook this type of ear care at home. ghostwriter österreich